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ukulele strings

Before playing the ukulele, you must install strings! There are many manufacturers of uke strings, but only a few seem to get the vote from the community. Currently, Aquila is the most popular and widespread string set.

Italian made

Aquila offers three variations: Nylgut, Bionylon and Red Series synthetic materials. The Nylgut last several time longer than regular strings. For this reason, uke players tend to prefer them, due to their long lasting use. The Red Series combine gut and nylon strings giving them a warm, gut-like sound while having the consistency of modern nylon. Choose from concert, soprano, tenor, and baritone sets, all offered in a variety of materials and tunings, including six and eight string tenor sets. Also available are Nylgut strings for the banjo ukulele, bass ukulele (Thundergut) and the guitarlele.

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