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Low G Tuning

1 Jazz on the Ukulele?

A cool tuning to try on ukulele is Low G tuning. It's the exact same GCEA tuning, but the first G is an octave lower. This gives the uke a bigger sound and the low G helps to anchor jazz standards.

2 Deeper Tone

Playing bass lines with the thumb can now happen without sounding so wimpy! This is a common tool for jazz players and running a smooth bass line can open up new sounds on the uke as well. Popularized by Glen Rose, this tuning is a favorite amongst traditional players and jazz players alike. It's interesting to notice how such a small change can affect your sound. Moving the root chord around with new bass notes can inspire musical meanderings. You may just forget to care about daily tasks, whilst playing this fine tuning. One thing is for sure, the Low G tuning for ukulele is an easy way to open up the instrument.

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